As a result, to run successful affiliate marketing programs in the past, brands often needed to be a one-man show and manage every aspect of affiliate marketing on their own. Affiliate marketing is a very useful way of increasing your income or promoting your products. By using the right kind of tracking software, you can manage, track and push your services efficaciously and accurately. However, do ensure that you adhere to best practices at all times to maximize your success.

  • Instead, they manage affiliates for many companies at once – and it works to their advantage when affiliates divide their time between brands.
  • Here are the two most common methods used by affiliate marketers to measure conversions.
  • Advanced automation features to streamline workflows while minimizing risks.
  • Affiliate Tracking Software refers to managing and tracking of some digital marketing technologies such as cost per lead and cost per action activities.
  • Brands credit publishers and affiliates for conversions in different ways.

As much as people say that online content lasts forever, the internet is inherently ephemeral. Even at The New York Times, a 2021 study found that 25 percent of all outbound links going back to 1998 were now inaccessible. Link scanning solutions identify dead links to ensure no click goes to waste. Brands also use other tracking methods affiliate marketing tracking management to monitor where customers are coming from and use this data to identify which affiliate ultimately drove the conversion. Without it, affiliates like you can go unrecognized and unpaid for their efforts. Both the brand and the affiliate have an interest in accurate tracking because getting it wrong can be costly for everyone.

Software Flexibility

The answer is with the help of the right affiliate marketing software that streamlines the entire process. Tapfiliate has been a gamechanger for managing our affiliate program here at Selz. It makes it easy to manage a lot in a single place, which is great given the size of our affiliate program.

affiliate marketing tracking management

Finding the best affiliate marketing tracking software solutions is tricky because there are so many variables to consider. Because, after all, without reliable tracking and reporting tools, brands cannot effectively assess the success and profitability of their affiliate campaigns and partnerships. LeadDyno specializes in affiliate program promotion and perhaps offers the most amount of promotional tools available in an affiliate marketing software platform. The best affiliate marketing software platforms offer robust tracking and reporting capabilities. Tracking software places a cookie on a user’s browser when that user clicks on an affiliate link. If the user performs the desired action within the cookie period, the affiliate is awarded commission.

Tool to accelerate growth with partners

Tapfiliate offers advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, but most of the features are accessible only through the Pro plan, which starts at $149 a month . In a nutshell, affiliate marketing software is a comprehensive tool that facilitates all aspects of affiliate marketing program management. Affiliate marketing has been experiencing explosive growth in recent years, so it’s essential now more than ever for brands to run affiliate programs of their own.

Affiliate tracking is an essential part of your affiliate marketing program. It provides valuable insights about the affiliate partner’s performance, etc. So this complete guide will help you understand all the processes and boost your business performance. Everflow is quite an expensive piece of affiliate tracking software, which means it is probably not the right fit for SMBs that just want to manage their affiliate promoters. Customer referral feature allows your customers to promote your products without needing to join any affiliate program. It offers extensive tracking and reporting features that allow brands to monitor and optimize their promotional campaigns.

Check these brands out first when you’re thinking of setting up your affiliate program. It’s got innovative features like a smart setup wizard, social media sharing, influencer directory, promo code tracking, and more. Not only will these features help you get set up quickly, but they’re also designed to maximize your return on investment. LeadDyno is another large SaaS affiliate marketing platform with a ton of integrations. Having said that, Tapfiliate does do an excellent job for WordPress websites.

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts

As simple as AffiliateWP makes it to run your own affiliate program though, it also offers some innovative growth tools. Features like Vanity Coupon Codes, Affiliate Landing Pages, and Direct Link Tracking are bound to grow your sales and help you achieve a greater return. The impression refers to that the user saw the ad but passed it or refused it. Learning about what makes your ads less appealing to your potential customers provides valuable information on the things you need to change in your business. Once you start adhering to your customer’s demands, you’d realize the sales boost.

It provides brands with peace of mind by offering some of the best fraud detection and security features available. Publishers often make the most of affiliate marketing by creating content that adds real value for their readers and prioritizes their experience. Easily track performance and gain insights in to what is moving the needle for your affiliate program. Easily onboard affiliates, and give them everything they need to promote your business in their personal, branded, affiliate dashboard.

affiliate marketing tracking management

Hemingway App is the next fantastic tool that serves for those who believe in the power of content. It helps you drive back at least some traffic that goes to external resources back to your resources. This is why it’s the right idea to balance promotional content with external updates that are still relevant and compelling to your audience. Another great tool that makes content-driven professionals’ reality easier is Hemingboard. I’m using this app on a daily basis and I can state this with full conviction — it truly is a creativity booster.