Since our competition are all virtual, the use of microphones for recording is vital – whether it is a built-in microphone of the video recorder (camera or phone) or an external microphone attached to it.

In using a microphone setup for performances (chapel, sanctuary, or auditorium), please put it on a stand to capture the voice of the performer as well as the accompaniment source. Maintain a good distance between the performer and the microphone. Those using mixers to bring the voice and accompaniment together, please do so without enhancing the voice but for balance and recording purposes only.

For duets, no individual microphones. Make sure to let the singers stand at the same distance from the microphone.

For vocal music, let the contestant/s sing as if in an actual convention competition – no hand-held microphones.

For instrumental music, you may use sound pickup devices for recording purposes. No enhancement or editing.

For platform events, lapel microphone is not allowed. For any recorded material to be used (like background music or sound effects for storytelling), the player must be operated by the contestant.

The setting up of the microphone may be done with the help of an adult.

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