Dear Fellow School Heads,

We will soon be reaching the end of the school year 2021-2022 – the second academic year done in Remote Learning Center education mode. Apparently, we are seeing the transition back to the face-to-face classes as alert levels are being lowered all over the country. We continue to thank the Lord for the education system we have that carried us through these difficult “pandemic years.”

The ACE School of Tomorrow System works. Though our main focus is on character-building through our Biblical, accelerated, and individualized learning materials, we are confident to declare that our academic standard remains excellent. This is validated not only by the testimonies of our graduates but through achievement test results we have gathered in the past years.

I would like to rally everyone to participate in our upcoming achievement and aptitude tests made available to our students through a special partnership with the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM), “the pioneer and the leading provider of locally-developed standardized assessment instruments in the Philippines committed to helping schools improve the quality of teaching and learning through sound assessment and research.”

CEM offers special packages and tests that cater to the needs of our students from elementary year 4 up to Senior High School.

Your participation will benefit your students, your school,  and our corporate education community as a whole.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

God bless you.

In Christ,

Pastor Erich Bernard Santos



          The School of Tomorrow®, Philippines, in partnership with the Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM), designed its National Standardized Testing (NST) Program to measure students’ knowledge and skills and level of performance based on national curriculum standards. It aims to provide objective feedback, identify specific strengths and areas for improvement, design exercises to reinforce learning, and devise intervention programs to address learning gaps.

          The SOT®P has been promoting this testing program over the years not just to serve as an external validation of the effectivity of our curriculum compared to the national norm but also to see areas for improvement, enhancement, or career guidance.

          This year, SOT®P will again be making use of this cutting-edge assessment tool—the CEM Online Assessments. These tests will serve as an external validating measurement of the strengths and weaknesses of SOT®P’s system of learning in a remote setting. The test data gathered will also serve as valuable tools for individual school’s improvement plans in addressing the challenges of this so-called new normal education landscape.


          The Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM) is a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to helping schools improve the quality of Philippine education through measurement and research. Since 1978, CEM has been the leading provider of locally-developed standardized assessment instruments in the country. Our products include standardized paper-based and online tests that evaluate academic performance, aptitudes, interests and personality profiles of individuals and groups, for various purposes as deemed by the users.

          CEM’s expertise in designing and conducting standardized assessment and research projects continues to be recognized by public and private institutions. In fact, it was commissioned by the government to administer the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and the Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhiLSAT) due to its capability to roll-out a nationwide high-stakes testing program. These programs particularly demonstrate an efficient system of test design and development, test administration network, answer sheets processing, test results reporting, and test report forms production and delivery.

          While the core of CEM’s operations is its testing programs, it has designed complementary programs that make its tests more meaningful to its users. For many years now, CEM has been conducting seminar workshops in test interpretation and data utilization, classroom test construction, classroom research, item analysis, teaching strategies, homeroom guidance, etc. These professional development programs equip participants with the skills needed to make best use of CEM standardized tests and to use these to achieve educational goals. In September 2020, CEM launched the CEM CPD Online, an e-learning platform that helps deliver training programs to schools online. It allows registered users to access CEM learning contents any time, any place and at any pace.

           With its head office in Makati, branches in Cebu and Davao, and test centers in various locations throughout the country, CEM continues to strengthen its offering to provide quality and relevant services to the academe and other industries.


May 24, 2022 / Tuesday

Achievement Tests: Levels 4, 5, 7, & 8

May 25, 2022 / Wednesday

Aptitude Tests: Levels 6, 9, 10, 11, & 12

  1. Levels 4, 5, 7, & 8 students

                   Tests: CEM K-12 Achievement Test: (English, Mathematics & Science)

                   Testing Fee: Php 1350.00/student


  1. Level 6 students

                   Test: Elementary Level Competency Measure (ELCOM)

                   Testing Fee: Php 900.00/student


  1. Level 9 students

                   Tests: Philippine Aptitude Classification Test (PACT) and CEM Career Interest Profiler (CIP)

                   Testing Fee: Php 1,400.00/student


  1. Level 10 students

                   Tests: Readiness Test for Senior High School (RTSH)

                   Testing Fee: Php 900.00/student


  1. Senior High School Students (Level 11 & 12)

                   Tests: Readiness Test for Colleges and Universities (RTCU)

                   Testing Fee: Php 900.00/student


SCHOOLS (Using the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® System)

Register your students at our official portal ( Make sure all their details are true and correct before submitting. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may contact our team at (+632)88229663 locals 116, 154, and 207.

Remit your payment to: Pacific Rim Educational Foundation Inc. / School of Tomorrow®, Philippines
Metrobank Better Living Branch
Savings Account #0813-0815-1393-8


Kindly send your proof of payment to with the subject line: CEM National Standardized Test. Proof of payments must be duly identified by including the name of the school. Also, please indicate “National Standardized Test”.


For home school families enrolled in our Home Education Program, kindly coordinate with your Academic Advisers or contact Ms. Sherry Mateo at (+632)88229663 local 165.


CEM Online Assessment Features and Tests

CEM K to 12 Achievement Tests

These standardized tests measure student learning in school in the K to 12 context using multiple-choice items developed systematically by a team of content experts normed locally and maintained regularly. It will determine your students’ level of proficiency in: English, Mathematics, Science, Filipino, and Araling Panlipunan Subjects for Kindergarten to Grade 10. General Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, Earth Science, Earth and Life Science and Physical Science Core Curriculum Subjects for Senior High School.

Elementary Level Competency Measure (ELCOM)

  • A 150-item readiness test for high school academic work administered to elementary school graduates in 2 hours;
  • Measures students’ mental ability (Nonverbal Reasoning) and acquired cognitive abilities in Verbal English and Filipino, Science, and Quantitative Reasoning in elementary school;
  • Yields two indicators of scholastic potential for high school – Elementary Level Competency (ELC) and General Scholastic Aptitude (GSA);
  • Comes with reports for individual students (Examinee Report Form) and institutions (Masterlist of Tests Results and Institutional Performance Profile).

CEM Career Interest Profiler (CEM Profiler)

  • The 115-item CEM Profiler is administered to junior and senior high school students in 45 minutes;
  • Discover your students’ level of interest across 14-occupational groups by looking at their Interest Scores and their corresponding Interest Categories;
  • Create career guidance programs that expose your students to various occupations, including those that are popular, ‘hard-to-fill’ and ‘in-demand’;
  • Guide students in exploring their potential career options;
  • Increase their knowledge and awareness of potential career areas through the CEM Database Occupational Information (CEM-DOI) so they can envision how they will fit in the world of work;
  • Inform parents about their child’s career interests and choices so they can provide the necessary support for their child’s decision.

Philippine Aptitude Classification Test (PACT)

  • PACT is a 240-item battery test made up of 18 subtests grouped into 2 parts: Speed and Power tests, which can be administered to students in grade 9 up to first year college;
  • Employs rigorous research-based and internationally-accepted test development process;
  • Measures several aptitudes or dimensions that are useful in classifying students into different fields of study;
  • Places students in the educational program or career when they would most likely succeed;
  • Helps guidance personnel in educational and vocational counseling.
  • Complements other assessment tools such as CEM Profiler, personality tests, motivation surveys/questionnaires.

Readiness Test for Senior High School (RTSH)

  • The RTSH is a 200-item standardized admission test designed to measure the academic competence and potential incoming senior high school students with respect to their preferred track or strand.
  • It reports students’ overall scores as well as their scores in each subtest and content area covered in the test.

RTSH Subtests:

  • English – covers competencies essential in assessing students’ reading and writing skills.
  • Science – comprises of items that test students’ knowledge and understanding of earth, life and physical sciences and their relevance to everyday living.
  • Mathematics – includes topics that are crucial in evaluating students’ skills in solving mathematical problems relating to patterns and algebra, geometry, business math, probability and statistics and their applications in real-life contexts.

Inductive Reasoning – measures the mental ability of students, particularly on the ability to perceive relationships among stimuli and draw a logical conclusion or infer a general rule.

Readiness Test for Colleges and Universities (RTCU)

The RTCU is a locally developed and normed instrument based on CHED’s College Readiness Standards. Its comprehensive and easy-to-understand assessment reports allow you to:


  • Assess your students’ level of preparedness for tertiary-level instruction
  • Determine their pre-college proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Classify them based on test performance
  • Make college admission decisions based on data


RTCU Subtests:

  • English – measures skills in reading, writing, and the fundamentals of listening and speaking which are measurable through a paper-and-pencil test.
  • Science – measures skills on scientific inquiry in the areas of Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth, and Environmental Science.
  • Mathematics – measures computing, representing, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Requirements in CEM Online Assessment




Gadget (in good working condition)

ALL of the following:

  • Windows laptop or desktop (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10)
  • Webcam
  • Microphone

These DO NOT WORK on the test website:

  • Mac laptop or desktop
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablet
  • E-readers
  • Digital pads
  • Chromebook

Application or Software

ALL of the following:

  • Internet browser (updated)

          o   Chrome (version 63 and up)

          o   Firefox (version 52 and up)

  • Software for the test platform

Link for the installation of the software can be downloaded once you conduct the system compatibility check.

Internet Connection

  • Stable with speed of at least 5 mbps

Scratch Pad

(for tests that need computation)

Any of the following:

  • mini whiteboard (approximately A3 or A4 size) with whiteboard marker and eraser
  • plastic/paper magic slate
  • clear acetate/plastic sheet with whiteboard marker and eraser
  • plain chalkboard with chalk and eraser
  • These will be used for scratch work.
  • Use of any paper is NOT allowed.

Personal Identification

  • School ID (from previous or current school year) or Government ID
  • ID should be presented on the actual test day.

Testing Area or Room

ALL of the following:

  • Conducive to testing
  • Quiet or with no distracting noise
  • With good lighting and ventilation
  • Free of any prohibited materials (e.g. phone or electronic gadgets, calculator, review materials, watch, etc.)
  • Examinee must be alone in the room.


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  1. Freddie de Leon says:

    Good day!

    This is the first time I heard about CEM. I have 4 Gr4 and 4 Gr 5 students finishing their grade levels in the second or 3rd wk of May, 2022. Our school is under SOT Philippines. Our school, NewLife Academy of Cavite, Inc.located in Tanza, Cavite is not a member yet of the CEM. How to do the membership. I desire to join my students in the Achievement Testing in May. looking forward for your most considerable response.

    Thanks and God bless!
    Mr Freddie A. de Leon
    Admin/Principal, NLAC

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